Passionate Pursuit


I have an art room; there is a lock on the door. It is where I go to get away. It is my room. It measures 9 feet by 13 feet and is slightly messy, filled with my stuff. There is a table with books, and bulging file folders, and framed artwork, and a stack of miscellaneous sticky notes. From my brown leather chair with its matching ottoman, I can look through the north window towards Illwaco, at the gray-blue Pacific Ocean (which by the way is awesome this time of year), or I can sneak a glance directly west, through the double glass doors that open to our second floor balcony just above the living room, and catch a view through the triple windowed dormer. On the wall across from me is a stretched canvas sign with inspiring words (in no particular order); a constant reminder of the things that I aspire to in my life.

This is my world; this is where I write.

It is now 2013; a new year; my year. I no longer feel intimidated by this strange new world of writing, but instead I am inspired by its endless possibilities. I sold my first short story last year and my first full length manuscript (The Dark Side of Winter) is off to an agent. The first week of January, I sent a short story and a poem off for possible publication, and I am in the beginning stages of my new book—“Shades of Yellow; Tainted White”—a true story, in fiction form, set in time before the beginning of World War II. My plan is to have it ready to submit at the 2013 OCW Summer Conference.

I have stories; to many stories. So, from my room with a view, I will write my stories—with passion—and pray that God will use my words to touch the hearts of those that read them.

The Dark Side of Winter


On January 6th 2013, I sent my book (The Dark Side of Winter) off to my agent. His request for my manuscript was based on the book description that I have posted below (along with the first three chapters). For a peek inside my slightly altered imagination, please read. If you have a need to know more, I may post portions of the prologue over the coming weeks. I welcome your comments.

Robert Fairmont is a preacher. And he knows his place. Preachers preach, and that imaginary line between church and state—preachers just don’t cross it. Every Sunday morning his growing congregation of 7000 hang on his every word; and that is enough . . . or is it?
Bob seems happy in his “no surprises, predictable life” . . . until his wife Kathy hears from God? Seven times in two weeks, the same dream; it was God . . . and she wasn’t the only one.
“Salt and light, Bob, He wants us to be salt and light; are we?”
Bob knows the Government has overreached into the affairs of the Church. That imaginary line, drawn in the sand—is Bob willing to cross it?
After almost thirty-two years of marriage Bob knows Kathy is not given to dreams; he has no reason to doubt her. Maybe it’s time to reclaim the stolen pieces of the American dream; maybe it’s time to ‘Take America Back’.

Fast forward four years and eight months.
From the bedroom of an old farmhouse in the middle of “nowhere Minnesota”, Bob stares out the window into the dark December night; the winter snow storm is a perfect match to his desperate situation. He has crossed that line and is now on the run and under investigation for tax fraud, possible un-American activities, and the mysterious death of his wife of 36-years. He pins all his hope on Zak; the one person who can get him his life back or at least what’s left of it. Victor wants him dead and he’s not far behind. Bob must get back to Seattle to meet Zak and clear his name, or die trying.
Bob is forced to reach deep inside his soul and confront his faith: Is God in control, will he trust him no matter the outcome? In this high stakes game of “spiritual warfare” the stage has been set and all the players are in place. Only one question remains—who will win?


Snowday 1-11-07 008

There are 365 new beginnings in every year of my life. Each morning I wake up with a choice. Come to think of it, you do too. The question (or challenge) is: What do I—what do you—choose to do with that precious gift of 24 hours.

The past is a score card for me to look at and hopefully learn from, and the future is a blank page waiting for me to compose the next chapter of my life; a daunting reality if I think too long and hard on it; but it is in fact—reality.

I tend to measure my existence in yearly increments; it seems manageable and less overwhelming that way. I am by nature an optimist, so when I view life in retrospect I try not to allow failures of the past to diminish my successes as I move forward into the New Year; after all, if God’s in charge, I have nothing to lose.

This year I choose to count my blessings. Whether I am greeted with clouds or sunshine, each morning is a gift and I will embrace it with a passion to change my world for good. And I am not alone. My greatest blessing is Karen; my friend, my wife, and my partner on this wonderful adventure I call life.

This year I choose to listen more intentionally for the voice of God. In the quiet stillness of my soul I want to hear him speak to me. He has called me to write; I want it to be his words—His truth; anything less would be worthless banter.

This year I choose to challenge myself to become a great writer with a commitment to learning from those who are great writers, and by engaging the craft with a consistent schedule of daily writing. It would seem that the more I write the better I become at telling stories.

This year I choose to love more and live more like Jesus.

This year I choose to pray more and care more for others than I do for myself; starting with my wife, my children and my grandchildren. And I choose to give God credit for all the successes on this path He has chosen for me.

I am 13 days into my new year, so I must assume you are too. I have given just a few thoughts as to what I will do with mine. So if I may, let me leave you with a question: What will you do with the 365 days that you have been given?

If you have not yet thought much about it, please do, and then get back to me; I would really like to know. Let’s make 2013 the best year ever.

Life is short—don’t miss the moments.