The Dark Side of Winter


On January 6th 2013, I sent my book (The Dark Side of Winter) off to my agent. His request for my manuscript was based on the book description that I have posted below (along with the first three chapters). For a peek inside my slightly altered imagination, please read. If you have a need to know more, I may post portions of the prologue over the coming weeks. I welcome your comments.

Robert Fairmont is a preacher. And he knows his place. Preachers preach, and that imaginary line between church and state—preachers just don’t cross it. Every Sunday morning his growing congregation of 7000 hang on his every word; and that is enough . . . or is it?
Bob seems happy in his “no surprises, predictable life” . . . until his wife Kathy hears from God? Seven times in two weeks, the same dream; it was God . . . and she wasn’t the only one.
“Salt and light, Bob, He wants us to be salt and light; are we?”
Bob knows the Government has overreached into the affairs of the Church. That imaginary line, drawn in the sand—is Bob willing to cross it?
After almost thirty-two years of marriage Bob knows Kathy is not given to dreams; he has no reason to doubt her. Maybe it’s time to reclaim the stolen pieces of the American dream; maybe it’s time to ‘Take America Back’.

Fast forward four years and eight months.
From the bedroom of an old farmhouse in the middle of “nowhere Minnesota”, Bob stares out the window into the dark December night; the winter snow storm is a perfect match to his desperate situation. He has crossed that line and is now on the run and under investigation for tax fraud, possible un-American activities, and the mysterious death of his wife of 36-years. He pins all his hope on Zak; the one person who can get him his life back or at least what’s left of it. Victor wants him dead and he’s not far behind. Bob must get back to Seattle to meet Zak and clear his name, or die trying.
Bob is forced to reach deep inside his soul and confront his faith: Is God in control, will he trust him no matter the outcome? In this high stakes game of “spiritual warfare” the stage has been set and all the players are in place. Only one question remains—who will win?