Snowday 1-11-07 008

There are 365 new beginnings in every year of my life. Each morning I wake up with a choice. Come to think of it, you do too. The question (or challenge) is: What do I—what do you—choose to do with that precious gift of 24 hours.

The past is a score card for me to look at and hopefully learn from, and the future is a blank page waiting for me to compose the next chapter of my life; a daunting reality if I think too long and hard on it; but it is in fact—reality.

I tend to measure my existence in yearly increments; it seems manageable and less overwhelming that way. I am by nature an optimist, so when I view life in retrospect I try not to allow failures of the past to diminish my successes as I move forward into the New Year; after all, if God’s in charge, I have nothing to lose.

This year I choose to count my blessings. Whether I am greeted with clouds or sunshine, each morning is a gift and I will embrace it with a passion to change my world for good. And I am not alone. My greatest blessing is Karen; my friend, my wife, and my partner on this wonderful adventure I call life.

This year I choose to listen more intentionally for the voice of God. In the quiet stillness of my soul I want to hear him speak to me. He has called me to write; I want it to be his words—His truth; anything less would be worthless banter.

This year I choose to challenge myself to become a great writer with a commitment to learning from those who are great writers, and by engaging the craft with a consistent schedule of daily writing. It would seem that the more I write the better I become at telling stories.

This year I choose to love more and live more like Jesus.

This year I choose to pray more and care more for others than I do for myself; starting with my wife, my children and my grandchildren. And I choose to give God credit for all the successes on this path He has chosen for me.

I am 13 days into my new year, so I must assume you are too. I have given just a few thoughts as to what I will do with mine. So if I may, let me leave you with a question: What will you do with the 365 days that you have been given?

If you have not yet thought much about it, please do, and then get back to me; I would really like to know. Let’s make 2013 the best year ever.

Life is short—don’t miss the moments.