Hangin’ Out In Seaside


It’s 8 AM and I’m sitting at Bagels by the Sea. The Saturday crowd is filling up the place and I’m at my favorite table. On the corner of Holladay and A Street, that’s where it sits, right downtown—best bagels ever. It’s February and basketball tournaments are in full swing. The place is alive with kids, and parents, and old people, and babies, and . . . . well, you get the picture. Add in the canned music, the espresso machine, the blenders, the voices, the laughter, then mix it all together and you have a potpourri of ambient noise that sets the tone for what I do here every Saturday.

This is where I write my stories. And I’m not the only one chillin’, doing stuff. I Phones, and I Pads, and laptops, and paperbacks, and Nooks and Kindles, and newspapers. Oh, and don’t forget Seattle’s Best, and lattes, and espresso, and of course bagels of every kind. And they make the best sandwiches and granola—and it’s all served up with a smile. And to kill time while you’re waiting, answer the trivia question of the day and win a buck.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I hang out here—a lot. So next time you’re in Seaside drop in, say Hi to Denise, and Randy, and Jarrod, and the whole crew for that matter. See if you don’t agree that this is a fun place to hang out.

I love where I live and I love to write.

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