Hey, Thanks For Droppin’ By

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My journey to be a serious writer began three years ago. I have been writing stories for the past fifteen years and through the process discovered a passion for the craft of writing I didn’t know I had. Words in story have the power to change the hearts and lives of those who read them.

But please, allow me to regress. A journey worth pursuing must be shared with those you love—family comes to mind. Successes are sweeter and setbacks are less painful when those who know you best are there to laugh and cry with you. Karen, my wife of forty-one years is one such person.

Being a writer is hard. So much of what spills out on the page comes from the deepest part of who I am. When the words are too telling and the stories are too real, Karen is there to comfort the child in me and tell me it’s okay. And so I write.

But why do I write? Do I write with a dream for fame and fortune, or do I write because God has called me to write? Some would say it doesn’t matter—but it does. Motive defines the condition of your heart; and God looks at the heart. A friend of mine—Jim Rubart—said it simply: “I write to make Him famous.” He was speaking of Jesus. That is what I intend to do; I will do it with passion and allow God to reward the effort as he sees fit.

From my room with a view, I look through my window at the mighty Pacific Ocean, watching winter waves crash against the sandy shore of the Oregon coastline, and wonder why God would allow me to live in a place like this to do the very thing He has called me to do.

Because He loves me.

God has called me to write—so I will write—with passion.