Seasons Change

God created everything. It just so happens that his most beautiful creation is the Oregon Coast line on the mighty Pacific Ocean. That is where I am blessed to live. Some might take offense at my biased assessment, but no matter where you live on this spinning orb of created matter, we are all touched with this reality: Seasons change.
Whether we embrace it or not winter turns to spring, spring to summer, and in this season of autumn we are forced to acknowledge the full circle of change as winter waits in the wings to complete that circle.
So it is with life—my life—and yours.
A week ago my wife Karen and I attended our forty-five year high school reunion in Spokane. (We were high school sweethearts.) We had a great time connecting with classmates; some we had not seen since graduating. We all looked so different from our youthful splendor of 1968.
Seasons change.
A few weeks ago a buddy and I took a summer ride on our motorcycles down the coast to Pacific City, taking in all the awesome beauty and splendor, before the on slot of rain and wind that would soon consume the weeks and months to come.
As some would welcome the calming beauty of November’s first snow, so I welcome the winter roar of the mighty Pacific Ocean.
Seasons change.
So what season of life are you in—have you welcomed it—have you embraced it?
God determines the seasons, but we decide what we will do in it.
This circle of seasons, like it or not, we will complete it.
I am a husband, a father, a grandfather, a writer, an artist, and a dreamer. I love the season of life I am in. And as I draw closer to full circle, when all my seasons will have been fulfilled, my driving passion is to leave this world a better place than when I found it; and to hear my God say: “Well done my good and faithful servant.

I would love to hear your story to understand your passion for life.