It’s a week before Christmas and all I can say,
It’s gonna feel good to just get away;
From the work and the bills and the stresses of life,
To make memories with family and spend time with the Wife.

I love Christmas—the music, the lights, the trees, the decorations—I love all of it. I even like Santa. I see the wonder of the season captured in the wide-eyed innocence of a child’s face and long to be that child again. Life seemed simpler then . . . maybe because I choose to remember it that way.

We can make it simpler—for a time—if we choose. It’s as easy as closing our eyes and ears to the noise around us, long enough to open our hearts to the voice inside us . . . the voice of hope, and peace, and comfort . . . the voice of Jesus; after all, he is the first gift of Christmas.

Maybe that’s why I love this time of year. It’s not because of Santa. He may be plump and jolly, but he can’t compare with that tiny perfect child, sleeping in a feed trough in a lonely stable in Bethlehem. Who could have known that the beautiful child, born that first Christmas day, would soon die a cruel and bloodied death on a cross made of wood . . . but that is why He came.

So this Christmas I will love my Wife, my Children and my Grandchildren as we make memories to last a lifetime. I will laugh with friends and eat too much; but most of all I will put “the first gift of Christmas” at the center of everything I do; and hope that all who read this strive to do the same.

Happy birthday Jesus.


  1. Yes, Happy Birthday Jesus! We are looking forward to visiting with you on Wednesday. God bless your dear friends!

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