Words Without Purpose are Meaningless

When I began my writing journey, (even though I cannot put an exact date to the process) the first question that came to my mind was why. But yet I was compelled to write. Was I really a writer? For the first twelve years of my journey, that question nagged me.

Please indulge me for a time; I will address my opening comment. But first let me take you back to my beginnings. From a very early age I recognized that God had placed within me a unique ability to impact my world; not by eloquent speech that can move the masses; nor by great organizational skills; or through deep rational thought bordering on scientific genius. First he placed a passion for life at the very core of my soul, and second, he blessed me with a creative mind with a love for the arts.

I am an artist, a singer, an actor, a master woodcrafter, and now a writer. But most importantly I am a lover of Jesus; He is the centering point of all I do.

So, back to the question: was I really a writer? The answer is yes, even though I didn’t know it yet. God, you see, chooses unusual ways to answer life’s nagging questions; He uses people. For me, Andy Still was one such person, who at church on a Sunday morning, (after reading a script for a play I had written) challenged me to go deeper with my writing; to try and reach the soul rather than just the mind. I went home, and from that conversation I began to write my first book; I had never done anything like this; had no idea what I was doing . . . but I did it anyway. I mean, how hard could it be? Well, It didn’t take me long to realize I was in over my head; I put it on the shelf. So, was I a writer? I wasn’t convinced, but my journey had begun.

I, by nature, am a procrastinator. I was going to finish that book; after all I had a bunch of other books in my head needing to be written; but “later” was always an option, and life goes on. Have you ever noticed how God has a way of getting your attention?

August 2010. I remember it like it was yesterday. For the first time in thirty-five years, I was out of work. I found myself in “God’s desert place of learning.” I had been there before (countless times) and was pretty sure of the lesson I was to learn. In that desert place the still small voice of God whispered a clear message to my heart: “You are a writer–so write.”

I am convinced that the journey of a million thoughts begins with one word; that first word being the hardest. I am happy to say that I am well on the road of my journey, with no looking back; and I am not alone.

I am a writer–so I will write.