Hope for the Journey

Hope for the Journey

This writing journey can sometimes seem overwhelming. I am a writer, I know that, but the doubts come. Thank God for people like Jim Rubart. They have your back and are ready to speak words of encouragement. They have been where I am; it gives me hope that what I have to say people need to hear.

OCW was amazing this year. It has been almost seven weeks and I am still processing the impact it has had on my writing. It has deepened my passion for the craft. As I learn more and write more, something magical happens; I get better . . . so on this path I shall remain.

After Jeff Gerke’s coaching class, “The First Fifty Pages”, I am rewriting the first fifty pages (or so) of my manuscript, “The Dark Side Of Winter”, before submitting it to the publisher later on this month.

Along with encouragement from Jeff and Jim, countless others have intersected my life to confirm God’s call for me to be a writer. Not the least of which is Susan Warren who, after last year’s conference, convinced me that a story I talked to her about needed to be written . . . by me. More than a year of research has prepared me for that story; I will begin first words in three weeks.

Thank you Susan.

As you know I live on the Oregon Coast and Cannon Beach is close to our family’s hearts. Our two children, my wife Karen, and I have spent a great part of our lives here. So when Jim Rubart wrote “Rooms”, it was only natural that we would have to read it. It was not only a compelling story (worth reading for that reason alone), but for us, it was a wonderful journey through memories. Karen has read it twice and is thinking about a third time. For me it was a study in great writing and I am applying those principles to my own.

Thank you Jim.

I will end with what I began: “I am a writer.”

2 thoughts on “Hope for the Journey

  1. You are a writer, Dan. I’m excited for the new things that are happening in your life. Ron and I are excited to see you and Karen on Monday. We love you two!

  2. Dad ~ I’m so excited to see how God is bringing you into a whole new realm and developing you into a great writer for Him! I’m so very proud of you as well proud to be your daughter! I LOVE YOU!!! XOXOXOXOXO
    ~ Your Loving Daughter Danielle

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