Words of Hope

Words of Hope

Words are powerful.
They can build up or they can tear down; either way they are life changing.
God has called me to write—to write words that make people think; about God, about life; words that can move hearts toward the Creator of the universe.
If you are a writer and a Christian, you also have been called for this purpose; for what other reason would we write?

Several weeks ago a friend, who I had not seen for a while, walked into my favorite Saturday writing hangout (Bagels by the Sea). I said Hi, and she came over. I said I had been missing her; that’s when she told me the story of where she had been. It was a story filled with faith, grace, and God’s healing power; a story that needed to be written.

I am excited yet humbled. As I pen these few words, her story has been written—by me. It is a story of hope and help for those facing life’s adversities. For so many the “C” word (cancer) is like a death sentence. It doesn’t have to be. If we are in Christ, nothing is impossible.

I am posting the story above so that those that read it can be blessed by it.